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Jamar Jones

Agency Founder. Marketing Architect. Motivator. Connect with Diverse Communities.
Author of "Change your Circle; Change your Life"

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Hey! Whats up!

I'm a Visionary that believes in Leadership and that we can connect with one another in a relatable way. I've had many changes in my life... From a thriving music career performing for thousands to being an IT Manager for a financial company then running my own business having a Branding and Media Agency - Foureva Media.


One thing that stays consistent is my work ethic and surrounding myself with good people that push me further every day. I'm the proud owner of Foureva Media and author of the book "Change your Circle, Change your Life".

I've had nothing special, no handouts, no sail with the wind carry me where I had to go. I went through different circles to unlock my mindset and then opportunities. I believe in 50% mindset and 50% action. I applied this from a personal aspect and in business.

My philosophies and action taking have changed the landscape of my life and I know I can do the same for you.

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I cover many elements from business and personal life. It is called Change your Circle, Change your Life. It’s all about self awareness, how to look at your current circle and how to move to different circles to change your life.

  • Branding, Sales and Marketing
  • How to Reach Diverse Communities
  • Navigating through Life + Personal Development
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The Book:
Change your Circle,
Change your Life

I'm so excited to announce this monster of a book out now!  This is the how-to guide to change anyone's life. A bold statement, yes. And I stand by it.

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