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Jamar Jones

Branding and Media Founder. Motivator. Master Connector. Entertainer. Diversity Empowerment.
Author of "Change your Circle; Change your Life"


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Meet Jamar Jones, a dynamic entrepreneur, branding, and media expert. From a thriving music career to owning Foureva Media and author of the book "Change Your Circle, Change Your Life."

Jamar's journey exemplifies the power of mindset and action. He made history as the first African-American small business owner to rent out a sports arena for the groundbreaking Lead the Movement Business Conference, promoting diversity and community. With connections like Gary Vaynerchuk and David Meltzer, Jamar collaborates with global brands like Red Bull while empowering entrepreneurs.

Featured in Times Square to hit show "Office Hours" on Apple TV, Jamar knows how to brand himself and others.

As the host of the Foureva Podcast, he amplifies diverse voices and shares insights from industry leaders. Jamar's drive and passion have changed lives, inspiring all to embrace change and unlock their true potential. Join him on this transformative journey, and let's shape a future of purpose, unity, and empowerment.

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I cover many elements from business and personal life. It is called Change your Circle, Change your Life. It’s all about self awareness, how to look at your current circle and how to move to different circles to change your life.

  • Branding, Sales and Marketing
  • Motivational and Inspirational
  • Navigating through Life + Personal Development
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The Book:
Change your Circle,
Change your Life

I'm so excited to announce this monster of a book out now!  This is the how-to guide to change anyone's life. A bold statement, yes. And I stand by it.

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