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From Lost to
Building Momentum

I am Jamar Jones.
My path has been anything but easy. From my decision making and the search of finding myself, I've had many hardships in my life that I've overcome. I've created many things from just a thought and once I put my mind to something there's nothing that can stop me.

Going from a very angry individual, experienced racism as a teenager, went to four different high schools in three different states, feeling lost and not knowing exactly where I wanted to go. Having a thriving music career for over a decade and then losing my voice. Went through a heartbreaking divorce, to building my own business from the ground up now having a team of 10 people working for my branding and media agency out of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Anything's possible. Looking back I've learned that there were elements to my success, one of the main ones was the circle I was in and how to get into other circles. I've applied this methodology play my personal life and in business.

My change started with me and the people that I was around.
The question is are you ready?
Are you ready to change your perspective and unlock your greatness?

Article from Technical.ly on Jamar's story:

Why do I do it?

I do it to provide an impact. For people to have a fighting chance. In the hustle and bustle of this thing, we call life I want to provide a road map for others to discover themselves obtain their goals, and find purpose.

I want to affect people on the personal side that are struggling to find their next step and create a pathway for others to succeed.

Also, I am the founder of a branding and media agency that focuses connecting others and using branded entertainment. I have built this company from the ground up and want to share my tactics philosophies and business growth with organizations leaders and decision-makers.

Why do I do it? Because when I needed a helping hand others were there for me and the circle that I was able to create molded the very success that I have today.

Holding on this knowledge and life experiences would be selfish.

I want to give you the keys to walk through the door to change your life and your business.


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