Change Your Circle;
Change your life


Change your Circle,
Change your Life

This book is all about the current circle you are in that effects your everyday decisions.

Also how do you get into other circles to change the outcome of your life.

It is 50% Mindset - 50% Action.

Full of business and personal stories! Packed with real content to apply to your life.

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This book is for you to understand the power of your circle and what the consequences and opportunities can happen from it. It really is more important than even the environment you live in to dictate your outcomes.

This book is created to help you see your life and evaluate what you are currently doing to achieve the outcomes that you desire.

This has been pivotal for me as this really transformed the way that I look and act in my current circumstance.

"Change your Circle, Change your Life"

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Here is a video segment on one of the chapters called
"Vampires and Shepard's"

Here is a motivational video segment on one of the chapter's called
"You ain't working Hard"